I, Bartimaeus

For the story of Bartimaeus, read Mark 10:46-52. Lord, every day I need You more than the one I lived before. My sins, though small (or so I think), add to the cup You had to drink. Some sorrow comes through tragedy and I cannot but bend my knee. Or pride steps in and takes … Continue reading I, Bartimaeus

The Last One Left?

Elijah was a great prophet. If you’ve in church for any length of time, you have likely heard the story of how he challenged the prophets of Ba’al to a sacrifice duel to see whose God would answer by fire and of course, the true God of Israel did. That was a great moment of … Continue reading The Last One Left?

Pocket Wrinkles

Recently I was up at my grandparents’ helping them with some house- and yard work and ironing was on the list. I’m not an experienced ironer. In fact the only things I have ever really taken the time to iron are my ROTC uniforms in high school (and that ~7 years ago), and my work uniform … Continue reading Pocket Wrinkles


So, for those of you who follow my blog, or who have visited in the past and check in from time to time, and have noticed a lack of new posts, I am pleased to inform you that this week (at some point) I will be writing up all of my recent blog post ideas … Continue reading Upcoming

Martyr Monday: I’m Back!

Christian Genocide in Syria backed by United States So I guess since America is “no longer a Christian nation,” it is now okay for us to support foreign armies who kill Christians… The following text was excerpted from an email from International Christian Concern: According to various sources, Muslim rebels in Syria are targeting Christian … Continue reading Martyr Monday: I’m Back!