I must offer my regrets and apologies for falling woefully behind on the daily posts I promised, also for missing the last two Sundays’ worth of the PRAY31 posts. Please bear with me as I wade through midterm season. I hope to return to my daily posting at some point this week or next Monday … Continue reading Apology

Originally posted on God and Politics in the UK:
Sometimes following a shocking incident hitting the headlines there can be a knee jerk reaction from the authorities trying to provide some sort of restitution to right a wrong.  This happened after the truly awful Innocence of Muslims film went global.  In their rush to respond and even appease… Continue reading

Faithful Bloggers!

Last week I submitted a previously published post to Faithful Bloggers to be posted on Faithful Devotions and the post was accepted as a guest post! Please check out this site to see my post and other great posts by Christian writers! Have a blessed day! P.S. Today’s martyr post will arrive early this afternoon. Continue reading Faithful Bloggers!

Martyr Marathon: Bhutan

Bhutan, previously ranked 14 on the World Watch List has moved down to rank 17. Praise God for this improvement, and pray that the countries ranking higher would de-escalate and diminish in their mistreatment of Christians. According to Open Doors: The constitution guarantees free expression of faith, but penalizes forcible conversions – which can be … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Bhutan