Online Identity (Class Assignment)

One thought on “Online Identity (Class Assignment)”

    This post is a current events assignment for a web publishing class. I DO NOT disagree with New York’s e-STOP law, or its Game Over initiative. I believe that this is a great move, and I am pleased to see that this new measure is in place to help protect children from online predators who bait them into dangerous and often fatal situations. This post may be considered a “devil’s advocate” writing sample and will be removed once my semester is complete.
    As a side note, a former classmate of mine is majoring in law to become a defense attorney for sex offenders because of a friend of hers. He was between 18-21 and got involved with a girl that he didn’t know was underage. Her parents filed charges and he is now permanently registered as a sex offender.
    I think that while situations like these are unfortunate, they serve as examples of the foolishness and consequences of secularizing what God has made sacred and of walking outside of His will. Sex was intended for marriage. Because of the widespread perversion of its intent and practice, it is becoming one of the most destructive forces in our world today, as evidenced by the appearance of laws such as these. Please pray for local, regional, national, and global returns to God’s Word, God’s law, and God’s rule, and for the wholesale restoration of those damaged by sexual sins.

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