What Does That Mean?

Lately, I’ve had a lot of questions rolling around in my mind and heart. Honestly, the closer I draw to God, it seems like I have more questions than answers. But then again, I also have more peace than stress. Paradoxical? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. The last couple of questions that have stood out to … Continue reading What Does That Mean?

Is it Grace?

Last week, we discussed Cain and Abel: the differences in their hearts and God’s attempt to reach out to Cain before his sin carried him away. Today, we’ll look at the effects of Cain ignoring the Lord and what they might mean. So, picking up where we left off in Genesis 4:8-15… Now Cain said … Continue reading Is it Grace?

Break In

Shine Your light on her heart, exposing all the buried pain All the deep and cutting shame All the power of sin that lies behind the tears locked in her eyes Shed Your light to show the truth that the key, the hope, is You Only You can break her heart and build it back … Continue reading Break In


PART ONE First of all, I’d like to throw out a huge thank-you to Tom Vander Well whose Wayfarer blog was the first I ever followed as a blogger and one I most consistently read (every post for the last two years). His consistency as a blogger is enviable and his insights into Scripture are admirable. His … Continue reading “I’M NOT ABEL!”

Trusting Tree Flowers

Magnolias are my favorite flower in the whole world. They’re large and simple with thick petals and strong leaves. Just one color…no need to show off. Gentle, subtle fragrance. Not to mention an emblem of the South where, despite the heat and humidity, I enjoy calling home. I am thankful to live in an area with many … Continue reading Trusting Tree Flowers

Getting My Feet Wet

My pastor recently delivered a mini-word on the subject of aiming at a target. He told a story about a farmer who always hit the bull’s eye with his bow and arrow…because he painted the bull’s eye around wherever his arrow landed. My pastor said that sometimes with His seasoned children, God asks them what … Continue reading Getting My Feet Wet