A New Song

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Musician in Funchal (Photo credit: lode.rummens) I will sing a new song to you, my God; Psalm 144:9a (NIV) Can people really change, or are we stuck in patterns of behavior over which we are powerless? That is a pretty important question for anyone who gives serious consideration to their life and… Continue reading A New Song

A Look Back

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I was reading through some writings from my time doing art therapy in Uganda and this one particularly stuck out to me this morning: Each girl has a few minutes to draw whatever she would like. After a while, Megan and I asked them to close their eyes. With eyes… Continue reading A Look Back

Who You Are by Choice

New years always come with so-called resolutions, promises we make to ourselves about who we want to become. The first month of the new year is already gone. Is the year still new anymore? In recent months, I’ve leaned more heavily on my spiritual mentors, receiving counseling. I was at a fork in the road and … Continue reading Who You Are by Choice