Last night my dad and I had dinner. We always get together once a month to catch up and enjoy eachother’s company. We compared our busy schedules, playing a cordial game of “whose fish is bigger” in the process. He works 12 hour days with an hour commute each way, so basically he won, but … Continue reading Priorities

Found My Answer

A couple weeks ago, I posted a song along with all the questions that came to mind from it. Another song that causes questions to arise in my heart and mind is “Where I Belong” by Corey Asbury (even though I prefer William Matthews’ version). At the bridge, you cry out, “I am my Beloved’s … Continue reading Found My Answer

J is for Katie

I really like my job. Honestly, it’s a blessing. I make decent money for easy work in a pleasant environment with mostly agreeable customers and coworkers. Not to mention there are perks here and there which outweigh whatever disadvantages I come across. However, in retail, you deal with the public, and when you deal with … Continue reading J is for Katie