Love, Look, Love

Tonight my church reinstated a tradition we used to hold: Sunday night worship services. For now, they will only be the first Sunday of each month, but to have regained it at all makes me so happy. A night of pure praise and worship, allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely a mong us however … Continue reading Love, Look, Love

Who You Are: A Goat Hauler?

Jentezen Franklin is my pastor’s favorite pastor and one who is increasing in my favorites list. He speaks and writes often about the Christian’s position in Christ and how to live out the fulness of freedom that is found therein. This video is under 30 minutes and full of Jentezen’s typical style humor and passion. … Continue reading Who You Are: A Goat Hauler?

Who You Are by Choice

New years always come with so-called resolutions, promises we make to ourselves about who we want to become. The first month of the new year is already gone. Is the year still new anymore? In recent months, I’ve leaned more heavily on my spiritual mentors, receiving counseling. I was at a fork in the road and … Continue reading Who You Are by Choice


Last night my dad and I had dinner. We always get together once a month to catch up and enjoy eachother’s company. We compared our busy schedules, playing a cordial game of “whose fish is bigger” in the process. He works 12 hour days with an hour commute each way, so basically he won, but … Continue reading Priorities