Love, Look, Love

Tonight my church reinstated a tradition we used to hold: Sunday night worship services. For now, they will only be the first Sunday of each month, but to have regained it at all makes me so happy. A night of pure praise and worship, allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely a mong us however … Continue reading Love, Look, Love

Acknowledge: A Word Study

 I spent my first four years of college as an English major because I loved studying the language. Then I realized that with today’s marketplace….that’s another story…. But my love of language hasn’t dwindled. And that’s not limited to the English language either. I also greatly enjoy learning about other languages, the roots of words, … Continue reading Acknowledge: A Word Study

Falling Scales

This is a poem I wrote who knows when. I finally finished cleaning my room tonight (all except the vacuumming) and came across an old journal that held only a couple of stray pages. A couple of prayers, a list, and this undated poem. (Actually, given that I wrote “verse” and “chorus” next to the … Continue reading Falling Scales

Dancing with Daddy

If you’re a female, you may remember doing this with your dad as a little girl. If you’re a father, you might have done this with your daughter. (You might have even done this if you’re a mom.) There’s something really wonderful about dancing, whether it’s a friend in a conga line, a date at a wedding, … Continue reading Dancing with Daddy

Spiritual Donuts

So, a few days ago, I posted about inviting people to church and using donuts as enticement, and in that I promised a follow-up; so here it is. I like donuts and being able to quickly grab one before service in the middle of my oft-busy Sunday mornings. I like that we can all get … Continue reading Spiritual Donuts

The Last One Left?

Elijah was a great prophet. If you’ve in church for any length of time, you have likely heard the story of how he challenged the prophets of Ba’al to a sacrifice duel to see whose God would answer by fire and of course, the true God of Israel did. That was a great moment of … Continue reading The Last One Left?