Martyr Marathon: Bhutan

Bhutan, previously ranked 14 on the World Watch List has moved down to rank 17. Praise God for this improvement, and pray that the countries ranking higher would de-escalate and diminish in their mistreatment of Christians. According to Open Doors: The constitution guarantees free expression of faith, but penalizes forcible conversions – which can be … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Bhutan

Martyr Marathon: Eritrea

“Pastor Kidane Weldou disappeared and is presumably detained by Eritrean security forces. His vehicle was found abandoned in downtown Asmara. He is a senior pastor of the Full Gospel Church and has been a leader in the church for many years. Weldou is married and has four daughters. For many days his family has been … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Eritrea

Martyr Marathon: Maldives

This was not what I expected to find while looking for pictures of a country wherein people are persecuted for their faith. Yet when I Googled “Maldives” for a picture, the majority of the photos were of crystalline waters, resort huts, and newlywed couples on romantic snorkel explorations. It just goes to show that evil … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Maldives

Martyr Marathon: Iraq

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to be a bit hit and run with these next few posts. Forgive me for copy-and-pasting but I’m burning all my candles at both ends these days. Deeper content will return. Violence against Christians increased in 2010, with large numbers of believers killed and injured. There were a number of … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Iraq

Martyr Marathon: Pakistan

“In Pakistan, 1.5% of the population are Christian.” —Wikipedia (Release International Magazine estimates 2.5% are Christian.) “In 2010, 29 Christians were killed and 4 were sentenced for blasphemy. At least 58 Christians were kidnapped and at least 100 were physically harmed. During the devastating floods of August 2010, Christians experienced discrimination from local authorities and Muslims … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Pakistan

Martyr Marathon: Yemen

Ravi Zacharias has said many times that if “you take your foot off the necks of the people,” they would leave Islam immediately and in droves. In many countries today, although there are laws guaranteeing freedom of religion, it is illegal to commit apostasy from Islam. Yemen is one such country. In this country, it … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Yemen

Martyr Marathon: Egypt

First, I want to apologize for missing yesterday’s post. My doubled-up schedule finally caught up with me. A second post will follow later today, probably this evening. Many of you may be familiar with the Arab Spring movement, the inspiration behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. Raymond Ibrahim, a reporter for Gatestone Institute, International Policy … Continue reading Martyr Marathon: Egypt