Digital Divide: More Than Just Electronics

For millenia, humankind survived and even flourished without electronic technology. However, in the last dozen decades, lightning-quick advances in technology have made the absence of digital technology an acute disadvantage wherever it occurs. Globally, the difference between its presence or absence has been termed the digital divide, and a movement has been churning to bridge … Continue reading Digital Divide: More Than Just Electronics

To the Oft Forgotten

In 8th grade, at the end of the school year, I wrote a thank-you letter to my teachers and slipped it under their doors. (Yes I was that kid.) It was only 3-4 months after my salvation took place and I had always had a soft spot for teachers. For years I thought I had lost it, … Continue reading To the Oft Forgotten

Intrinsic Value Part 3

Part 1     Previous Section Carter asserts in his essay “Intrinsic Value and the Intrinsic Valuer” that “Only persons have within themselves their own concepts of themselves, and, therefore, only persons have within themselves the standard of themselves” (511). However, it should be acknowledged that the intrinsic value of humans cannot be attributed by humans themselves … Continue reading Intrinsic Value Part 3